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○ 悪事身に止まる

All evil done clings to the body.

○ 頭剃るより心を剃れ

Better to shave the heart than to shave the head.

○ 逢うは別れのはじめ

Meeting is only the beginning of separation.

○ 万事は夢

All things are merely dreams.

○ 凡夫も悟れば仏なり

Even a commom man by obtaining knowlege becomes a Buddha.

○ 煩悩苦悩

All lust is grief.

○ 仏性 縁より起こる

Out of karma-relation even the divine nature itself grows.

○ 後生は大事

The future life is the all-important thing.

○ 外面如菩薩 内心如夜叉

In outward aspect a Bodhisattva;at innermost heart a demon.

○ 花は根にかえる

The flower goes back to its root.

○ 人を助けるのが出家の役

The task of the priest is to save mankind.

○ 火は消ゆれども、燈心は消えず

Though the flame be put out,the wick remains.

○ 仏ももとは凡夫

Even the Buddha was originally but a commom man.

○ 仏になるも沙弥を経る

Even to become a Buddha one must first become a novice.

○ 仏の顔も三度

Even a Buddha's face,-only three times.

○ 仏頼んで地獄へ行く

Praying to Buddha one goes to hell.

○ 仏作って魂入れず

Making a Buddha without putting in the soul.

○ 一樹の蔭、一河の流れ、多少の縁

Even [the experience of] a single shadow or a single flowing of water,is [made by] the karma-relations of a former life.

○ 一盲 衆盲を引く

One blind man leads many blind men.

○ 因果の子

A karma-child.

○ 因果は車の輪

Cause-and-effect is like a wheed.

○ 因縁が深い

The karma-relation is deep.

○ 命は風前のともしび

Life is a lamp befame a wind.

○ 一寸の虫にも五分の魂

Even a worm an inch long has a soul half-an-inch long.

○ 鰯の頭も信心から

Even the head of an iwashi, by virtue of faith, [will have power to save, or heal].

○ 自業自得

The fruit of one's own deeds [in a previous state of existence].

○ 地獄で仏

Like meeting with a Buddha in hell.

○ 地獄極楽は心にあり

Hell and heaven are in the hearts of men.

○ 地獄も住家

Even Hell itself is a dwelling-place.

○ 地獄にも知る人

Even in hell old acquaintances are welcome.

○ 借る時の地蔵顔、済す時の閻魔顔

Borrowing-time, the face of Jizo; repaying-time, the face of Emma.

○ 聞いて極楽、見て地獄

Heard of only, it is Paradise; seen, it is Hell.

○ 心の駒に手綱ゆるすな

Never let go the reins of the wild colt of the heart.

○ 心の鬼が身を責める

The body is tortured only by the demon of the heart.

○ 心の師とはなれ、心を師とはせざれ

Be the teacher of your heart: do not allow your heart to bocome your teacher.

○ この世は仮の宿

This world is only a resting-place.

○ ころころと鳴くは山田のほととぎす 父にてやあらん母にてやあらん

The bird that cries korokoro in the mountain ricefield I know to be hototogisu; -yet it may have been my father; it mey have been my mother.

○ 口は禍の門

The mouth is the front-gate of all misfortune.

○ 果報は寝て待て

If you wish for good luck, sleep and wait.

○ 冥土の道に王はなし

There is no King on the Road of Death.

○ 盲目蛇に怖ぢず

The blind man does not fear the snake.

○ 満つれば欠くる

Having waxed, wanes.

○ 門前の小僧 習はぬ経を読む

The shop-boy in front of the temple-gate repeats the sutra which he never learned.

○ 無常の風は、時選ばず

The Wind of impermanency does not choose a time.

○ 猫も仏性あり

In even a cat the Buddha-nature exists.

○ 寝た間が極楽

The interval of sleep is Paradise.

○ 人見て法説け

[First] see the person, [then] preach the doctrine.

○ 人身受け難し 仏法遇い難し

It is not easy to be born among men, and to meet with [the good fortune of hearing the doctrine of] Buddhism.

○ 鬼も十八

Even a devil [is pretty] at eighteen.

○ 鬼も見なれたるがよし

Even a devil, when you bocome accustomed to the sight of him, may prove a pleasant acquaintance.

○ 鬼に金棒

An iron club for a demon.

○ 鬼の女房に鬼神

A devil takes a goblin to wife.

○ 落花 枝に還らず

The fallen blossom never returns to the branch.

○ 楽は苦の種 苦は楽の種

Pleasure is the seed of pain ; pain is the seed of pleasure.

○ 懺悔には三年の罪も滅ぶ

One confession effaces the sins of even three years.

○ 三人寄れば苦界

Where even three persons come together, there is a world of pain.

○ 三人寄れば 文殊の知恵

Where three persons come together, there is the wisdom of Minju.

○ 釈迦に説法

Preaching to Sakyamuni.

○ 沙弥から長老

To become an abbot one must begin as a novice.

○ 死んだればこそ、生きたれ

Only by reason of having died dose one entre into life.

○ 知らぬが仏、見ぬが極楽

Not to know is to be a Buddha ; not to see is Paradise.

○ 正法に奇特なし

There is no miracle in true doctrine.

○ 小智恵は菩提のさまたげ

A little wisdom is a stumbling-block on the way to Buddhahood.

○ 生死の苦海はほとりなし

There is no shore to the bitter Sea of Birth and Death.

○ 袖のふりあはせも他生の縁

Even the touching of sleeves in passing is caused by sonme relation in a former life.

○ 寸善尺魔

An inch of virtue ; a foot of demon.

○ 楽しみは悲しみの基

All joy is the source of sorrow.

○ 飛んで火に入る夏の虫

So the insects of summer fly to the flame.

○ 月に叢雲、花に風

Cloud-wrack to the moon ; wind to flowers.

○ 露のいのち

Human life is like the dew of morning.

○ 憂喜は心にあり

Joy and sorrow exist only in the mond.

○ 嘘も方便

Even an untruth may serve as a device.

○ わが家の仏尊し

MY family ancestors were all excellent Buddhas.

○ 雪の果は涅槃

The end of snow is Nirvana.

○ 善は善の報い、悪には悪の報い

Goodness [ or, virtue ] is the return for goodness ; evil is the return for evil.

○ 前世の約束ごと

Promised [ or, destined ] from a former birth.

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